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Inserts for Jewel/Slim Jewel cases and Vinyl Sleeves

2 panel (front & back printed)
4 panel (bi fold)
6 panel (tri fold)

Jewel Cases only


2 panel Insert

*Recommended Print Requirements:
1. All documents and images should be at least 300 DPI (a.k.a. pixels per inch/dots per inch). This resolution results in you getting a crisp; clear and professional look to your order.
*NOTE* It is NOT recommended that you use graphics or pictures downloaded from the Internet. Pictures on websites or screen shots of websites are only be 72 DPI, as that is the resolution of a computer monitor and a web standard for websites. A 72 DPI graphic will appear fuzzy or pixilated when printed.

2. For best color matching results please use a CMYK color profile for color copies. This will help (but not guarantee) that your copies will be as close as possible to your desired colors. If there are concerns over matching a specific color, please use the Comments section of our order form to relay that concern to us.





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